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Buildings Permit concept with imaginary cadastral on digital tablet - building activity and construction industry with General Urban Plan
Imaginary General Urban Plan with indications of urban destinations with buildings, roads, buildable areas and land plot - note: the map is totally invented and does not represent any real place


About Us

Each and every one of our reports are independently checked and cross-referenced ensuring currency with any changes being made to existing planning provisions and/or inclusions of new planning provisions are being met.

Town planners Melbourne is an independent planning consultancy covering greater metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. We produce planning reports, motivated by achieving timely planning permits without compromise to your design.

Our reports are coherent with all aspects of the requirements for submission to council from state to local planning policies including zoning, overlays, particular provisions and clause 54, 55 and 56 assessments; backed up with over 25 years of experience.

An independent planning consultancy covering greater metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria.

How do we turn over projects this quickly?

48-hour turnaround time.

The thousands of projects that have passed through our office have included a whole array of proposal types and scenarios and the planning policies of each of the 79 councils throughout Victoria have been researched.

Our entire team is committed to the development of this knowledge base maximising our service as a time and cost-effective one.

Council’s we’ve worked with:

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All other residential, industrial and commercial applications such as medical centres, shops, restaurants, gyms, educaation centres, changhe of use, recycled materials facilities etc


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