Have a property in mind?

Have a property in mind?

Whether you’re a developer searching for your next project or a Mum/Dad Landlord contemplating the development potential of one of your investment properties, Town Planners Melbourne can provide advice on the opportunities/constraints of the site and the relevant planning provisions. Navigating the planning provisions is the most critical phase of any property venture potentially saving you.

A lease opportunity for business owners in the perfect location is another common scenario for us. The owner is wanting to sign the lease and get started with their business but are apprehensive reach out to us. Sometimes we find a town planning permit isn’t even required!

Preliminary Investigation Report

The 79 Municipalities across Victoria have strategic plans in place, most have conducted neighbourhood character studies, heritage reviews etc and have divided their areas up into precincts with another list of objectives. Every single property in Victoria is zoned some have overlay(s) and schedules to these zones and overlays apply. Each element influences what we can and cannot do. Our feasibility reports are broken up into subheadings 1-7 and red flag any constraints for a given scenario:

Concept plans

Sketch diagrams are developed into concept plans generated using AutoCad which your Architect/Designer can directly import into Revit, ArchiCad etc 

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