All planning developments impact the way we live, work and play and need to be well designed cultivating better outcomes for the community.

Most commonly, we receive calls from concerned neighbours who’ve received notification about development happening next door and are understandably quite anxious. Personal considerations don’t hold much merit here.

Objections lodged must refer to the Victorian Planning Provisions to be taken seriously by council.

Preliminary review

Following our initial meeting we’ll review the town planning application evaluating it against the relevant planning provisions. You’ll receive an assessment checklist summarising any non-compliance with schedules/standards within the zoning, overlay(s), particular provision(s) and any inconsistencies with state and local planning policy frameworks. We’ll discuss the planning merits each issue holds and then you’re be able to write a letter of objection yourself or ask us to write one up for you.

Letter of objection

We prepare a relevant, concise letter of objection to be submitted to council. Each clause to be discussed is introduced and the level of impact demonstrated. With over 20 years experience, we have realised the profound impact letters of objections have.

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