Documents often missed in planning submissions

Documents often missed in planning submissions

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Site & Neighbourhood Description Plan

Commonly referred to as a site analysis plan, its used to gain an overview of the site and its context. Council request these plans to help them assess the impact a proposal may have on the amenity of surrounding properties.

Typically, a land surveyor is employed to carry out a re-establishment of title and feature survey and the scope of these surveys usually include the subject site and adjoining properties.  The planning officer assessing your application will require a scope of 50m radiating around the subject site.

Town Planners Melbourne can transform your land surveyor’s plan into a site analysis plan.

Shadow diagrams

Shadow diagrams are drawn according to September equinox; an average of when the sun is highest and lowest in the sky. Typically, council request shadow diagrams at 9am, 12 pm and 3pm to assess the impact a proposal may have on solar access to surrounding properties.

Town Planners Melbourne often draft shadow diagrams to demonstrate 25 square metres of adjoining secluded private open space within continue to enjoy soar access for a minimum of 5 hours between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

This example illustrates the additional overshadowing and reduction in overshadowing for a proposed outbuilding. 

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